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Mighty Mite H' Series

Whether you're cutting dimension lumber, cants, timbers or railroad ties, you'll profit by using a Mighty Mite "H" series sawmill. It's the transportable mill with permanent mill capabilities, built for years of dependable sawmilling.

Mighty Mite sawmills open up unlimited profit making possibilities. "H" series Mighty Mites can handle every kind of wood species in any conditions. The mill is easily transported so your operation can be as flexible as you want. Mighty Mite's easy operation saves on labor. "H" series are so easy to assemble, simple to operate and lightweight to transport, two people can handle the entire job, keeping overhead expenses exceptionally low.

Mighty Mite's power-packed sawmills get the job done fast. "H" series Mighty Mites can cut up to 10,000 bdft (24 cubic meters) per 8 hour shift. They can handle dense hardwood logs up to 6 feet (1.8m) in diameter and 18.5 feet (5.6m) in length or larger with optional extensions. Mighty Mite "H" series comes equipped with a single or double edger blades and turns out lumber so smooth and accurate you can use it to build without further processing.

Mighty Mite is built to last. Mighty Mite sawmills have proven their long lasting reliability under the most adverse conditions for over 50 years in over 70 countries. Maintenance is simple and components are designed to be easily replaced to minimize any downtime.
Forty year old Mighty Mites can still be found in daily operation!


<b>Mighty Mite</b> W

Meet the most productive Mighty Mite portable sawmill ever built. The "W" series is designed to handle the toughest sawmilling demands anywhere in the world and under any conditions!

Whether you need to handle large, over-sized logs or establish a semi-permanent mill deep in remote jungle locations, the "W" Series Mighty Mite is the choice for high production, dependability and long life.

Mighty Mite means high profits with low overhead. Your profit opportunities are virtually unlimited with the "W" Series. With over 60% more horsepower than our popular "H" Series and an extra-wide track for faster cutting, you get maximum production capabilities. The greater cutting width, up to 12.5" (32cm), is especially useful.

Mighty Mite circle mills also save on labor. Two people can operate the "W" Series just as easily as our "H" series mills. It all adds up to minimal operating costs and high profit margins.

Mighty Mite engineering gives you speed, precision and power. "W" Series models cut up to 12,000 bdft (29 cubic meters) per 8 hour shift. (Your production may vary.) They make short work of both softwood and dense tropical hardwood 8" (20cm) to 84" (2.13m) in diameter and from 4'- 21' (1.22m-6.4m) in length (or up to 41' (12.5m) with optional track extensions).

The "W" series Mighty Mite is easy to operate. With just a few simple controls an operator can easily be trained in one day to become a proficient Mighty Mite sawyer. Plus, features like our automatic lumber off-bearing system make easy work of stacking lumber.

Moreover, like all Mighty Mite mills, the "W" series is built to last. Mighty Mite sawmills have proven their long-lasting reliability under rugged conditions in more that 70 countries around the world. Maintenance is simple and all components can be quickly and easily replaced to keep downtime to a minimum.


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